The Verde

Thē VERDE by Mobus is an exclusive and cozy residential development in the heart of Wuye, an Abuja district popularly known for its serenity and central location. Conceptualised as an intimate neighbourhood, the development comprises a total of 13 units of simple & contemporary 4 Bedroom Villas, Twin Villas & Townhouses with BQ. The development consists of 88 units of simple and modern 4 bedroom terrace duplexes, set in a fast-growing self-sufficient community, offering a safe and wholesome living experience.

Thē VERDE is a perfect blend of function and comfort. An environment where neighbours become friends, and families get to experience fun & entertainment in their own homes. The development incorporates functional spaces & charming features to provide each Verde resident a beautiful home and serene environment to enjoy privately and with loved ones. It also boasts central access to hotspots like the Jabi Lake Mall, Jabi Boat Club, Wuye Ultra-modern market, and Magic Land Amusement Park. Welcome to Thē VERDE. Enjoy...

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